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Datalab is the largest provider of PANTHEON ERP business software in Southeast Europe, with more than 80,000 users in 12 countries and with a constant growth in the number of satisfied users; While Magento is a leading e-commerce platform. The integration of these two tools allows businesses to create and manage their online stores more efficiently, through an automated process of customer management, sales, logistics and online payments.


Two-way synchronization of products, customers, categories and orders increases efficiency and reduces manual entry errors. Online orders are automatically imported to and from Pantheon ERP, and inventory is automatically synchronized from Pantheon ERP to the e-store.


Fully configurable promotions with sliders, sale products, timer products, gift products, bundle products. Promotions and discounts based on stock levels. Client syncing, grouping and reporting, integrations with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Facebook Messenger. Integration of cookie policies according to the latest GDPR policies.


Automatic import of all orders into Pantheon ERP, automatic creation of orders to suppliers for out-of-stock products. Modules that increase the options for creating orders, quotes and work orders. Advanced module for analysis of sales, customers and administrators, as well as integration of Halkbank and Casys online payment systems.


Lists of orders by products, grouping by statuses, payment methods, delivery methods. Automatic creation of PDF lists for procurement, delivery and packing lists. Module for integration with delivery courier services.

Online Payments

Safe and easy payment of the products and services of the e-store. This module integrates payments through Halkbank and Casys systems, which increases the number of payment options for customers. This module can increase revenue and speed up the payment process, making it a great addition to any e-store.

B2B Channel

Registration of resellers with preferential prices. Automatic download of prices from Pantheon ERP. Defining groups of customers with a certain discount. Possibility to review documents and payments in the administrator panel. Automatic creation of invoices in Pantheon ERP for orders placed by a customer and reporting of due debts.

Benefits of an integrated solution

An innovative automated solution that offers advantages for every aspect of Your Business

  • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Two-way data synchronization

  • Increased speed of order fulfillment

  • Automated invoicing and billing

  • Advanced reports and analysis

  • Hosting and support provided

  • Availability 24/7

Why Our Solution?


Our company has a dedicated and creative team, which is particularly careful in understanding the needs and goals of your business. We work as a team and adapt to your needs, in order to provide a complete solution, according to your specific needs and priorities.

15 years in the e-Commerce industry

Guidelines for running an online business based on years of experience. We integrate the latest trends in e-commerce into our solutions.

Pantheon ERP Partner

We offer implementation and maintenance of the Pantheon ERP system. Our team will help you customize Pantheon ERP to run your online business more efficiently.

24/7 support via ticket system

Fast troubleshooting and comprehensive support. Advice and consultations for improving and optimizing operations.

Professional WEB Hosting

17 years in the web hosting business and currently serving over 2000 customers. We offer fast and stable dedicated servers optimized for e-commerce platforms. We take care of the availability of your site 24/7 and make regular backups at several locations in Europe.

Оnline Marketing & Data Entry

We offer a complete service for maintaining your website, adding images and product descriptions. Additional offer for online marketing on social media (facebook, instagram, linkedin) as well as email marketing.

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Since implementing an ERP system in our webshop, our business has become more efficient and streamlined. We’ve seen significant improvements in inventory managementorder processing, and overall customer satisfaction.


We implemented a new ERP system for our ecommerce store which has streamlined operations and boosted customer service. The ERP system has provided us a single view of our business, increasedefficiency, and allowed us to scale our web shop for faster growth.


Since implementing an ERP system in our webshop, our operations have become much more streamlined and efficient. We’ve been able to better track inventory, manage orders, and provide faster and more accurate customer service.

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