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ERP System

ERP System

Which offers businesses the tools to effectively manage their operations, with over 80,000 users in a variety of industries.

Pantheon ERP is an advanced ERP system developed in Slovenia by the company Datalab, 25 years ago, which offers complete digitization of your business, regardless of the industry you work in.

Through continuous monitoring of business trends, it becomes the number 1 ERP system in the region, and in recent years it has been successfully expanding throughout Europe. It is currently used by over 80,000 companies and this number is increasing exponentially. What makes this system unique is its modularity and adaptability in all industries, from the smallest businesses to large companies with complex processes and procedures.

Apart from the implemented functionalities, it is open to external solutions, with which many companies adapt it in various business segments. Effectively implemented in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, accounting and finance

Changes and laws in accounting are monitored and implemented daily.

The trends of the most advanced ERP solutions are followed every day. It has DMS (Document Management System), online remote operation.

Read more at https://www.datalab.com.mk/

DDSoft as a Datalab partner has a complete offer of pantheon licenses as well as implementation and support.

In addition, we offer the implementation of tools to solve:

  • Collection of receivables
  • Improving the sales process
  • Modern tools for the organization of the production process
  • Human Resource Procedures
  • Business planning and monitoring of the realization of the company’s goals

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Our experienced team will give you guidance on running an online business, based on years of experience. We regularly update our expertise, follow the latest trends in e-commerce and regularly integrate them into our solutions. Our services are tailored to meet your needs and increase your online presence.

Pantheon ERP Partner

We offer services for the implementation and maintenance of the Pantheon ERP system, in order to enable you to run electronic commerce efficiently. Our team is capable of customizing Pantheon ERP to suit your needs. Through personalized implementation and continuous upgrading of the Pantheon ERP system, we enable faster growth and optimized management of material and financial flows in your digital business.

Professional WEB Hosting

DDHost has been in the web hosting business for 17 years and currently serves over 2000 clients. We have our own dedicated servers optimized for e-commerce platforms. The servers are fast and stable, based on cloud infrastructure, with the latest generations of software, antiviruses and protections. We take care of the availability of your site 24/7. We perform regular backup of the data, in several locations in Europe.

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Fast troubleshooting and complete operational support. Advice and consultation to improve and optimize the operation and management of your online store.

Online marketing and data entry

We offer a complete service for maintaining your website, adding images and product descriptions. Additional offer for online marketing on social media (facebook, instagram, linkedin) as well as email marketing.

MagnetiX Integration

An innovative automated solution that offers advantages in every aspect of your online business.

  • Efficient utilization resources
  • Two-way data synchronization
  • Increased speed of order fulfillment
  • Advanced reports and analysis

  • Automated invoicing and billing
  • Hosting and support provided

  • Availability 24/7